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Meet Laura

I love my work!   The path that I have followed in my life has been to do what I love with the belief that is the way I can contribute the most to the world.  This philosophy has guided me since I was a teenager when what I loved was singing and dancing. As risky as it seemed to do a fine arts divisional major in college rather than something more “practical” for me there was no other way.

College was followed by my first career which was as a performing artist singing, dancing and acting.  I was living the dream that as a teenager I thought was too big to even dream.  This work did not always pay the bills so I also worked in retail, cleaned houses, taught aerobics and water exercise classes until I had done all the singing and dancing that I wanted to.

Now what I love is teaching my yoga classes and the opportunity to work one on one with people to support them in living their life fully.  I bring my decades of training and experience in naturopathic medicine, yoga and eastern spiritual traditions, and advanced studies in energy medicine modalities that have lead me to my own unique style of work.

For a more detailed version of my life story read here.

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I came to Laura a few months ago after coming to my whits-end with “medical doctors”. They had been medicating all of my conditions for years with no end in sight. In fact, at the time I came to Laura, my doctor had given me one medication treatment that actually poisoned my bones (side effect) and started their deterioration. At the young-ish age of 37, I was starting to lose my ability to bend, stand and even walk at times. I basically hobbled into Laura’s office in tears. Three months after working with  Laura, I am happy to say my bones are restored…I’m even running 3.5 miles a day. And, needless to say, my other life-long ailments are disappearing because my body is finally reaching balance. I cannot say thank you enough. You’ve given me so much of my life back. 

-Michelle Makowski, September 2010

I have known Laura Washington for several years now, and have been seeing her as a patient for the past year. She is such a brilliant doctor. Along with the vast knowledge she has about naturopathic medicine, Laura carries the special gift of intuition. I initially came to her for chronic gynecological issues, specifically amenorrhea. Prior to that, I had tried other allopathic treatments and saw doctors, but I did not get better. Through the use of the body talk system, Laura and I got to the heart of the reasons for my condition. I experienced positive results immediately, and kept getting better with every successive treatment.

Today my ailment does not exist! I feel like a balanced and vibrant woman, something I have not felt in over three years, and I thank Laura for her guidance in bringing me back to a state of health. I completely trust her, and highly recommend Body Talk as a powerful way to address a whole spectrum of imbalances, and help the patient really get to know his or herself. I consider Laura to be my primary doctor, and feel so blessed to know her. Thanks so so much Laura!

-Jamie Varela, November 2010

When I came to see Laura Washington I suffered from allergies that were affecting my ability to be productive during that day, and I was also battling frequent stomach aches, and constant fatigue.

After seeing Laura my allergies calmed down in about two weeks and shortly after that left for good. Symptoms have not returned since then. Stomachaches have not been a problem, and I have a steady amount of energy throughout my day.  I feel Laura’s services and knowledge have greatly affected my personal well being in a very positive way and I am very grateful to have her as my health care provider.

– A.S. February 2009

Laura,  I feel so great I could cry tears of joy!  Even after just 6 days!  I feel healthy and balanced, zero cravings for sweets (or anything else).  I have been eating when I am hungry and letting go effortlessly when I am satisfied.  If this is what “normal” people feel like around/about food, then count me in.  3 weeks later my energy is still great and I feel so balanced and well.  I look forward to working with you further.

Thank You for showing me the way out of craziness and into bliss.

– C.B. September, 2008

I came to  Laura with anxiety and menstrual cycles that were disrupting my life. The options proposed by my long-time doctor, like removing my IUD and going onto birth control pills, were not acceptable to me.

Laura prescribed a combination of herbal supplements, meditation and yoga, which I followed carefully. Within three months my menstrual flow decreased dramatically, to what I would consider normal and manageable. I was able to sleep through the night, and no longer experienced a mood swing the week before my period. These changes have dramatically affected my level of peace and comfort.

My experience with Laura has been extremely positive. She is an excellent listener, takes careful notes and is very professional.  She’s available via email for questions, which is not something I’ve experienced with other doctors.

I highly recommend Laura. She helped me understand what was happening in my body, and empowered me to play a part in healing myself. I respect her abilities as a healer, and feel fortunate to have found her.

– N. D. July 2007

Before I went to see Laura Washington I had grown increasingly frustrated with a muscle problem that had been growing and changing over seven years. I had already gone to see every doctor imaginable, both alternative and conventional, and while some of them helped ease my pain for a period of time, my problem always returned.

When I began seeing Laura, I really felt like both of us were working together to solve my issues. We took many different approaches at first; carefully analyzing results as well as doing testing in our sessions. When Laura started doing BodyTalk with me it was immediately evident to both of us that we had found our solution. Through combining supplements and BodyTalk exercise that I did at home, my problems completely disappeared. I no longer have any issues, but the best part of my treatment with Laura is the tools she gave me. Now I know that if my problems ever return, I can solve them myself. Thanks for everything Laura!

– Molly Harris, June 2007

Laura, thanks for taking such good care of me and for caring like you do.  It is so refreshing to work with a doctor who takes the time and really thinks things through….and listens with her heart, mind and spirit.

– Cathy Reed, March 2007

Dear Laura,

I just wanted to sincerely thank you for all the time and energy you have shared with me over the past year and a half. My choice to come see you has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I could never try to “repay” you for all you have taught me because it has been completely invaluable to me. My entire being is better because of your guidance and positivity! I honestly can’t begin to thank you enough. You are an amazing healer and I acknowledge how lucky I am to have met a person like you. Thank you Laura.

– Morgen Lennox, January 2007

Hi Laura,

I just had to share my news with you. I’ve had to purchase a new pair of jeans because the ones I have been wearing are falling off (even with a belt). AND…I just purchased a size 8! I’m kinda in shock. I haven’t been a size 8 in 3-4 years.

The other news is that we were at a store that had scales last night, and I weighed myself – at 139.4 pounds.  I had been at the same store exactly two weeks prior (coincidentally) and weighed in at 145.6 pounds.  So – I guess that means I’m still losing weight – it’s crazy to watch it go!

The smile is wide on my face, I’m ecstatic and I feel great! I just wanted to share my joy with you. 🙂

– T. C., May 2007

Before seeing Laura Washington, I was feeling generally lethargic, having only energy to get the necessary things done to get through the day.  My mind was generally fuzzy, I lacked enthusiasm and I was always looking at the negative side of things.  I was wondering if I was headed towards depression.  Yes, I did have my good days, but overall I did not really enjoy my life.  I was taking Advil everyday for minor aches and pains, I was experiencing stomach pains and any effort to lose weight was not successful.

Since working with Laura all of the above have taken a major (HUGE) turn for the better.  I have dropped 16 pounds (that’s quite a bit on my tiny frame).  That by itself was a major morale booster.  My energy has increased by 100%.  I am still surprising myself with my boundless energy.  I am attacking projects and getting them done and not putting off things like I used to, both at work and at home.  My mind is clear and I am feeling very positive about everything in general.  I have stopped taking Advil and my aches and pains have diminished for the most part.  I guess the biggest difference is my energy level (which people at work have commented on) and my positive attitude towards things in general.  I love it!!!!!!!  

– J.S.

A friend from work had been away for a month and came in for the first time today.  He was astounded at the change in me.  He kept saying he couldn’t believe how good I looked.  What an amazing result in only a month!

– L.S.

Laura Washington’s cleansing program was easy to follow and gave me a true sense of nourishment. My body thrived and felt more alive.  My skin became more supple. This is better than botox. By the beginning of the third week my head cleared of negative thoughts and even negative people in my life cleared away. This not only changed my eating habits but also gave me a re-newed, fresh sense of myself and lightness of mind, body and SPIRIT.

– J.S.

Before I started working with Laura, I was experiencing frequent headaches, a lack of mental clarity, fatigue, and persistent bloat. I had gained 10 lbs in the previous year and was not eating very carefully or well. As soon as Laura explained the program to me, I knew I was ready.

From day one I felt better, both physically and mentally. The weight came off effortlessly, and the initial three weeks was so successful that I decided to stay on the maintenance diet. I’m happy to report that the Christmas holidays came and went without any temptations to stray, and my health was in peak form.   What a wonderful way to start the new year! I’m so grateful for this reasonable, doable, and effective program. My thanks to Laura for her informative guidance and ongoing support throughout the process.

– Patricia Slote

I lost almost 15 pounds in the first three weeks  of working with Laura. I am still dropping weight after the three weeks because my taste, smell, appetite, metabolism and spirit have changed. I feel like myself again. I feel that this nutritional program was definitely a catalyst to getting my body back. I feel like losing weight isn’t hard anymore and I don’t feel blocked or stuck by the enormity of weight I have/had to lose.

– Penni G.

I have had very painful periods every month for over 6 years. I used Advil regularly to manage this pain, and had tried several different treatment modalities without much change. I also had digestive problems for 5 years and had also tried many things to improve my digestion with very little success.

Once I started working with Laura Washington my pain gradually reduced.  I have not had to use any Advil now for the last 3 months. My digestion is now great due to food allergy elimination.

– B.B., 4/7/06

Laura’s dedicated and caring practice transcends the world of physical form with organic ease. Her grounding presence brings luminosity and purity to even the toughest of situations. Laura’s therapeutic approach is truly holistic. She is an excellent ‘asker’ of tough questions, compassionate listener of difficult stories, and an eloquent teacher of profound loving-kindness towards oneself, others, and the World at large. Her energetic work coupled with subtle yet powerful physical medicine is a portal to a healthier, happier living. With Laura’s support, I have been successfully resolving painful childhood trauma and related survivor PTSD, growing stronger and more joyful with every session. The combination of talk therapy with her skilled energy work has resulted in fast shifts I wasn’t able to reach through other healing modalities, including classic psycho-therapy. Laura’s training and experience allow her to offer a uniquely nurturing environment, filled with safety, wisdom and unconditional love.

-IP, Portland OR 2017

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