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Welcome to the Luminance Shop

Everything offered in the shop inside Luminance is created by people who care about people and our planet.  Read on…

Jade – Jade mats are made sustainably with natural rubber tapped from rubber trees, a renewable resource that contains no PVC, EVA, or other synthetic rubber.  As Jade mats come from trees, we decided to give back by planting a tree for every mat sold. And since 2006, through our partnership with Trees for the Future, we have done just that, planting over 800,000 trees so far.

Hyde Organic Cotton Yoga Clothing – Hyde offers practice pieces that celebrate our intention to both look good and do good. We have partnered with leading teachers in the yoga community to create signature designs that benefit organizations here in our home community of New York City and around the world.

Manduka – Since the beginnings of the Black Mat, Manduka has been inspired and guided by a responsibility to reduce global consumption by making better products that last longer. Our design approach is rooted in principles of conservancy and transparency, creating mats, towels, props and apparel while also making every possible effort to minimize environmental waste.

doTerra – When you choose doTERRA you are choosing the most pure essential oils available. doTERRA’s Healing Hands foundation seeks to bring healing and hope to the world, for lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant.

Missionary Chocolates – Missionary chocolates are doctor made vegan truffles that are gluten and dairy-free.  Created in Portland, OR by Naturopathic Physician Melissa Berry with the Mission to build an inpatient, integrative healing center in Portland, funded by chocolate.

Bottlensoul – Bottle-n-Soul Designs is inspired by the research of Japanese scientist, Dr.Masaru Emoto who discovered that water changes it’s molecular structure, based on words, images, music, even intentions. Positive words create beautifully formed, crystal structures; while negative words make the water crystals ill formed, and fragmented.  Bottle-n-Soul creates bottles for drinking water etched with positive words and images.

Choffy – Jason Vanderhovan had a dream…to help others around the world to live a better, healthier life from the cacao (cocoa) bean. with that foundation he created a brewed drink that would taste great, and retain all of the great health benefits naturally found in cacao.  His vision is for Choffy as a tool for doing good in the world. That philosophy is at the core of who we are and how we do business. His product passion and expertise helps ensure that Choffy’s products are of the highest quality and support our founding mission.

Ready to shop?

Luminance is open for classes and appointments.  The best time to shop is before and after a class.

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