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The Power of Your Emotions

It is a common response to strong emotions, such as sadness and grief, to pop up out of the raw experience of the emotions into analyzing them, attempting to understand them, to categorize and compartmentalize them.  We then so often quickly jump into action...

Inner Guidance

This vision appeared Saturday while I was working with a client. As I described it to her I kept saying “I wish I could paint so that you could see this”. The thought and feeling stayed with me, but the part of me that thinks "I can't draw or paint" kept showing up....

Services Available from Me to You

People who utilize my services - naturopathic medicine, energy healing and yoga - pay for them out of pocket.  This means when their income decreases or is otherwise threatened (like now for so many), they are less likely to work with me.  I  have an...

Let’s Talk About Bone Health

I am happy to introduce a new offering I am calling "Let's Talk About Health".  These will be 75 minute conversations - I will do most of the talking but your questions, thoughts and feelings are what brings it alive.  The first talk will focus on a new orientation...

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