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New Course For Healthcare Providers

Wisdom, Clarity & Personal Integrity in Practice with Laura Washington ND Approved by OBNM for 19.75 CEUs for Naturopathic PhysiciansApproved by NCCAOM for 20 PDA points for Licensed Acupuncturists  New Dates! The first 10 hours will take place Saturday &...

Explorations in Healing – Individually and Collectively – facilitated by Laura Washington ND

How can we support health for our selves that also supports our entire world? How can we heal individually and collectively?  The truth is that there really is no other way than for our individual healing to affect the whole and for the healing of the collective to...

The Healing Properties of Sound

The sessions that I do as part of my naturopathic practice include supporting the body with healing frequencies. Recently that has included sound frequencies, or tones.  These tones also show up as a part of a yoga class at times.  Those who have experienced these...

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