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Explorations in Healing – Individually and Collectively – facilitated by Laura Washington ND

How can we support health for our selves that also supports our entire world? How can we heal individually and collectively?  The truth is that there really is no other way than for our individual healing to affect the whole and for the healing of the collective to...

The Healing Properties of Sound

The sessions that I do as part of my naturopathic practice include supporting the body with healing frequencies. Recently that has included sound frequencies, or tones.  These tones also show up as a part of a yoga class at times.  Those who have experienced these...

Your Breath

Your breath nourishes your body.  Your breath cleanses your body.  Your breath balances your nervous system.  Your breath centers and grounds your energy.  Your breath can energize you or it can calm you down.  Your breath can lead you to presence in the moment.  Your...

What do Healing and Politics Have in Common?

As a naturopath I see disease resulting from suppression - suppression of emotions, suppression of beliefs, suppression of aspects of one's self that are believed to be unacceptable to others, and suppression of one's own unique and true voice.  We stuff all of this...

Moments of Peace

Some of the things I love most about this time of year when the days are short, dark and cold are the festive lights, and gathering inside where it is warm.  The lights are up at Luminance making the Tuesday and Thursday evening classes some of my favorites.  To have...

Some of My Story

I am sometimes asked how I came to do what I do.  Did I always want to be a naturopathic physician?  What did I do before this?  What influences helped develop my style of healing work?  A few years ago I wrote a "life story" for a family history project and realized...

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