I am thrilled to welcome my dear friend and colleague Gilly Adkins to present her evolving work on Changing the Voice of Cancer  – breaking the spell of fear that is very effectively being disseminated across the globe.  Her discussion will include her personal experience with cancer as well as the new science, consciousness and vision.  I feel so much joy and excitement in anticipation of this event and invite you to join me.  I am so grateful to Gilly for her willingness to share herself so courageously!  Read on to hear what she plans to share.

My main desire is to open up new possibilities around this highly complex and emotional subject – to deeply question the status quo – break through some of the fear – share new vision and scientific understanding and stand in the deeper truth of a new paradigm. The intention is to deliver complex issues in a humble, vulnerable and deeply human way and from personal experience. 

I wish to help change the vibration around “cancer” – to question the deeper meaning of what maybe happening and to speak to the spiritual gifts that are hidden within this journey. To see cancer not as a disease that is out to get us but as part of a much greater spiritual evolution that is occurring at this time. To reclaim and listen to the inherent wisdom that lies within our body and move away from the prevailing fear-based mainstream medicine.
I believe it is time for us to step into our own mastery, one humble step at a time and to become masters together. Our bodies are our allies and they are not the enemies as we are led to believe. So if this resonates with you I would love to share what I have learned along the way. We are all on an amazing journey together during what appears to be a pivotal point in our human evolution – are we ready to evolve and take a quantum leap?
  • Location: Luminance – Yoga and Naturopathy – 3430 NE 41st Ave Portland, OR 97212
  • Date: Monday, June 13 
  • Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
  • $20 contribution greatly appreciated
  • Please RSVP to doc@laurawashington.com or 503-349-8188 as space is limited

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