Donations & Grants

”I  have an ongoing dream that those who want to work with me can – regardless of finances” – Laura Washington, ND

Donations and grants are used to provide naturopathic and energy healing sessions and yoga classes. Access to resources such as these, supporting health and well-being, should be available to all.  This donation/grants page exists to help make services available to more people and to share how these donations and grants are used.

Thank you so much for your support!

Donations of any amount provide services!

100% of your donation is used to provide health and wellness services to someone who otherwise would not have access to these resources.  Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be used well!

How are Donations and Grants Used?

In 2020 and 2021 I received $15,000 in grants from the Portland Small Business Relief Fund and Black American Chamber of Commerce.  I also received $660 in donations from individuals.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  With these grants and donations I choose to offer at least an equivalent amount in services. As of December 31st, 2021 I have provided $17,662 in free and discounted services.  Below is a breakdown of those services.

  • Total Appointments – 144
  • Of those appointments 13 were New Client Appointments
    • 6 BIPOC (black, indigenous, and other people of color)
    • 1 PLWD (people living with disabilities)
  • 131 sessions were Follow Up Appointments
    • 18 BIPOC (black, indigenous, and other people of color)
    • 56 PLWD (people living with disabilities)

Recipients of grant supported services have also included people who have lost their jobs due to the 2020 pandemic, have domestic insecurity, and families overwhelmed by expenses.  If you are interested in receiving grant supported services please contact me!

I also continue to offer a coupon code to be used for free classes.  If you are wanting to take a class and cannot afford the fee please use the code VIRTUALYOGA on checkout!

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