Cultivating the Container of You

There is a freedom and ease of being inside of you. This Lumination guides you to that place inside of you, beyond the trappings of your beliefs, into an opportunity to explore new possibilities.

A New Voice

In this Lumination an understanding of the process we are experiencing right now of witnessing what has been – but is not serving us anymore on a global level – release (kicking and screaming) in the process of moving forward.  As the old falls away a new...

Holding Space for Ourselves

Do you find yourself impatient with yourself or the world around you?  This Lumination from February 25, 2020 offers support in finding the willingness to stand right here in this moment that is right now.   The phase of absorbing nourishment is vitally important as...

A New Orientation

This Lumination from February 11, 2020 supports an entirely new orientation to ourselves and the world we live in.  Limiting beliefs fall away as new perspectives emerge which help us open up possibilities beyond what we see, understand, and think we know.

The Fluidity & Flow that is Life

This Lumination from Tuesday Jan 28th, 2020 brought the gifts of fluidity and flow – a softening of the part of the mind that wants to pinpoint, analyze and label things, to allow for the experience of joy that comes with fluidity.   Liberating the mind into the...

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