Join Alice in this afternoon workshop to explore The Feldenkrais Method® as a vehicle and support for mindful living. In the process, we’ll bring greater awareness and comfort to everyday activities such as sitting, standing, walking, and breathing. Any particular challenges you’d like to address or beneficial practices you’d like to enhance? Identify them when you register, and we’ll attend to them in the workshop! Email alice@aliceboyd.comfor more information or to Register Here.  FYI, Alice’s last workshop at Luminance filled up early.

Saturday, March 9th 


 $40 ($35 before 2/23)
Registration Here

Alice teaches a Feldenkrais ATM lesson at Luminance each Wednesday 4 – 5 PM. Alice handles registration for this class in person at class-time or on her website, but if you have a Luminance class package, you are welcome to use it to attend this class.

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