Can resting in the pulsation of breath be enough? Does that question bring up doubts or resistance?  If so, you don’t need to push away them, you let them be there. 

Can you let both be present – exploring that “this pulsation of breath is enough” along with whatever doubts and questions arise.   

Being with “the pulsation of breath is enough” can mean a trusting that there is not something that your mind can conjure up that’s a fix to perceived problems that would be better than the natural process that unfolds as you stay with this natural process that is in motion through this pulsation of life.  If your mind wrestles with that, allow the wrestling to take place. 

Being with “the pulsation of breath is enough” can mean that this moment is enough. Going back is not better. The imagined future is not better. Being right here, right now, exactly as you are and where you are is enough.

Can you find a sense of this “being with the pulsation of breath”?  If there’s the voice in your mind that is protesting acknowledge that as well let that voice speak even as you hold that potential space of being with that pulsation of life and let it get worked out within you this is not something that you need to direct or need to know how to resolve, you’re here holding the space for it right now. 

Can you allow it to work itself out in a way that you may never come to exactly understand or be able to articulate clearly?  You may not get a response that can then  be explained to other people, that will make sense to other people that will justify actions or that will bring them onto the same page that you are on.  

Can you allow yourself to have your own, in the moment, experience of being that does not need to be justified to the outside world.  If that brings up resistance in your body notice where that resistance is.  Does your belly or your jaw tighten up?  Does your brain “cramp” as the recognition comes in of all the areas that you don’t need to be able to explain or justify or be right about. 

Why is this tricky?  So many our relationships, our connections have been built on agreement. This person thinks the same way I do.  This person or these people believe the same things that I do, understand things the same way that I do.  

How much of your community or your tribe has been built on that?  While there is beautiful flow in agreement, it also creates a boundary between those who are in agreement and those who are not.  Can you sense the limitation in that and the freedom in not needing that agreement?

The process of this Lumination supports the dissolution of these boundaries. You can access the recording here.

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