Last week I received a message from a regular listener that she had attempted to post a “reply” on this blog but received an error message.  Yes, my system of leaving replies is all messed up and the replies (lovely testimonials) that have been left in the past all disappeared.  I hope to get this issue solved.  In the meantime I wanted to share this message:

“I just listened to your call of 2/5.  One thing I’ve learned from you is to listen to myself.  I’m glad you keep re-enforcing that idea, because even though I have started to do that in some areas of my life, you keep pushing the boundaries outward, and I keep delighting in the new recognitions of freedom from the restraints that I’ve allowed to be put on me, either by myself or by other people.  Thanks!” RDK
I shared this comment on yesterday’s call and then moved into a meditation designed to support you in receiving the nourishment that surrounds you.  I am calling this one “Your Cocoon of Nourishment“.  Click here to download the recording or to listen by phone call 712-432-1202 Access code: 925051 reference # 20.  Due to technical difficulties the first 3 minutes of the recording are repeated so I suggest forwarding 3 minutes into the talk to begin listening.
The same listener reported back on her experience entertaining the idea of polyphasic sleeping that I had also discussed.  Any success with improving sleep is always worth reporting –  great work RDK!
The poly-phasic  sleep is an interesting idea.  I do wake up in the middle of the night, and have trouble getting back to sleep.  Leaving a nice cozy bed in the middle of the night doesn’t seem at all appealing, but I’ll try it and see what happens.  I have happened on something else that works very well for me.  I like to get books on CD from the library.  One night when I woke up at 2:00, and was expecting to be awake until about 4:00, I thought of putting on a book and listening to it.  So I did, and within a few minutes I was asleep.” 


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